Hello and Welcome to the Hope Committee website, here is a little information of who we are and what we do.

The Hope Committee is a group of volunteers who live and work in the town of Stanford-Le-Hope in Essex. Starting out as a group concerned with the decline of Stanford-Le-Hope especially with the amount of shops being closed. It contributed to an air of decline we wanted to do something about. So at a public meeting The Hope Committee was born to regenerate the town and - as the strap line says - put the Hope back into Stanford-Le-Hope.

So, Do you want to be involved in making Stanford-Le-Hope a great place to live?

Do you have any ideas for making it better?

Do you wish to keep the sense of community that we have here?

Then if so, come and join us.

The Hope Committee meets monthly, contact us here to find out when and where.

To find out more on The Stanford Community Forum contact us here.